about us

Nautical Shipping delivers comprehensive shipping agency services for containerised, project, heavy lift, dry bulk and break bulk cargo. With a combination of deep industry knowledge, established partnerships with industry leaders and a focus on adaptability and innovation, we’re the Experts at the Helm.
Nautical Shipping Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unparalleled, leading-edge shipping agency services to principals and customers. Our engaged, motivated and friendly staff will always be the “Experts at the Helm”.
Nautical Shipping Our Values


Nautical Shipping values its relationships with customers, suppliers, and the community, and fosters a corporate culture which encourages excellence in service, innovation and diligence. We are also committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment, backed by tangible initiatives.
Nautical Shipping People, Process & Systems

People, Process & Systems

Nautical Shipping is committed to continuous development and of the 3 core pillars of our business – People, Process & Systems.

People – The Nautical Shipping team is our greatest asset, and is built on a foundation of trust, family, and respect. We foster a culture of learning and development.

Process – Continuous improvement and review of our processes to ensure we are delivering the best service to our customers and principals.

Systems – A commitment to developing the necessary systems to support our people and process – being innovative, forward-thinking and delivering digital initiatives that enhance our service.

Nautical Shipping Service Charter

Service Charter

We promise our clients the utmost dedication and highest standard of service. To find out more about what to expect in working with us, read our Service Charter.