DP WORLD Australia Cyber security Incident

Dear Valued Customers,


DP World Australia detected and began responding to a cyber security incident on Friday, November 10.  They promptly initiated protocols, which included engaging with cyber security experts, actively isolating, and containing the incident and notifying the relevant authorities.

In response to the situation, DPW implemented an immediate response to restrict landside access to their Australian port operations.

As a result of these events, some customers may experience disruptions to port operations and accessibility. While cargo operations are still ongoing, Nautical Shipping anticipate low productivity given these circumstances. It is important to note that even if vessel operations are ongoing, significant disruption may arise if cargo cannot enter or exit the ports. This situation is further compounded by the ongoing industrial action, leading to longer waiting times for vessels calling at DP World across Australia.

Nautical Shipping will continue to provide updated information. Please be informed of the following –


DP World, Brisbane Terminal (05:40am) 
R&D Operations Recommenced
Short Description: System testing overnight has been successful and 1-Stop manifest messaging is flowing uninterrupted to the terminal. ASC’s are dispatching jobs and gates are operating. Kiosk phones are currently down and a workaround will be put in place later today. In the meantime, staff will be patrolling the kiosks to offer assistance as required.
The terminal will be prioritising delivery of longest dwell time imports and receival of exports for vessels in order of arrival.
Your patience is appreciated as we work through the backlog during this week. – John Geyer, DP World

DP World, West Swanson (Melbourne) Terminal (07:05am) 
Short Description: DPW WST road is open, but it is slow and we are still having ongoing issues. Please be patient.
DP World, West Swanson (Melbourne) Terminal (07:15am) 
Short Description: Please do not send any export boxes of any kind to the terminal.
These units are causing delays at the gates. If you have a driver here, please ask him to leave.
If you have a driver on the way, call him and tell him to return to the depot. – Michael Fogarty, DP World

DP World, Port Botany (Sydney) Terminal (08:06am) 
Short Description: The plan is IMPORTS ONLY for today, please. As we seek to restore normal service. No shows on export slots will be waived.
FFD & LFD dates have been adjusted to reflect access and unforeseen service impacts.
We are working through the emails and will response to requests as workflows allow.
Issue Impact: Your patience is appreciated as we work through the backlog during this week.
Understand that PIA is still in place from 1300hrs today for the 7day period.


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